An​other Stray Dog Society Tradition Created​!

The Citadel​ is pleased that The Stray Dog Society​ is hosting ​the 1st ​A​nnual ​ ​ Post​​ G​ame​ Block​ ​Concert​ at 5:30PM this Saturday afternoon​ ​Parents Day ​featuring The Dubplates​, a very well known reggae band​!

Open and ​F​ree to all – ​C​adets, ​F​amily, ​A​lumni, ​ Everybody​! ​The Bandstand will be ​near ​the​ front of​ Altman Cent​er entrance​.
In addition to our regular pregame festivities, The Stray Dog

​ Society​ tent will be open after th​e Wofford​ game for members only, with access to the bar in our ​location next to the band​ stage.
See you there. Beat Wofford! and then we Party More!​

We appreciate the support from our sponsors that allow us to provide this event!

Who We Are:

We are an events based society that creates excitement around many Citadel events. We host the best parties, the pre-game events when the Bulldogs play at home along with many other events (*see below). Our society is pleased to be recruiting and providing Cheerleaders to our home games for the 2015 season.

We provide networking opportunities to our members. We also contribute annually to our Stray Dog Society Athletic Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Events We Dig

Pre-Game Home Football game events- Details Here

Bonfires starting October 8th at the Citadel

2nd annual Big Red Flag Raising Cocktail Cruise- Thursday, Nov. 5th 2015

9th Annual Homecoming Jamboree- Friday Nov. 6th 2015

USC- Citadel Bus Trip- Friday, Nov. 21st 2015

  1. We have rented two Lancaster tour buses for this trip.
  2. Food and open bar available
  3. Tickets are $60 per person for a Stray Dog member and a guest.
  4. Please mail a check or money order along with the name of you and your guest to:
    164 Market St, Suite 394 Charleston, SC 29401

Other SDS events pending:
*Halloween Party- Oct. 31, inside the east side of Johnson Hagood Stadium
*Post Football game party October 10, Wofford Game.

Watch our band for this years Jamboree, the PARTY CRASHERS!

- from Los Angeles, California, this unbelievable band will be on their first visit to Charleston, SC!

Stray Videos

We Appreciate Our Sponsors

Stray Dog Sponsors

Reason for Barking

We are an events based society that builds support for many events around the Citadel. We host the best parties, we host the pre-game dog walk and member guest football game tailgates and other events. Our society is pleased to be providing Cheerleaders to our home games for the 2015 season.

We provide scholarships and networking opportunities to our members and cadets while giving annual financial support to The Citadel.

Scholarship Fund

Sponsors to Wag About

Stray Dog Sponsorships at both the corporate or individual level offer the opportunity for you and your business to become deeply immersed in everything our Society has to offer.

Beyond all the fun, the parties, tailgates and networking opportunities you will become part of, we ensure each sponsor maximizes their exposure.

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Dog gone it! Can’t Wait!


We have re-booked the high energy band that everyone loves. Make sure you come out to our Jamboree Party .